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Compliance Declaration

In recent years, a corporation has been required to be not only an organization that pursues profits through free and fair competitions but also an entity that broadly provides usefulness to the society. Under these circumstances, compliance (observance of laws and ethical principles) is regarded as an important element of business management. In addition, a corporation has been required to be fair and sincere to its stakeholders from the viewpoint of corporate governance. In other words, a company has duties to fulfill its social responsibility and improve its corporate value not only by complying with laws and regulations but also, as a corporate citizen, by conducting appropriate and fair business management based on corporate ethics.

MinebeaMitsumi Group has upheld "The Five Principles" as the Company Credo: "Be a company where our employees are proud to work", "Earn and preserve the trust of our valued customers", "Respond to our shareholders' expectations", "Work in harmony with the local community", and "Promote and contribute to global society". We have clarified that an earnest and serious attitude toward our stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, government agencies, and the society is a fundamental building block of our business. We have also strived to achieve highly transparent management.

Since the foundation in 1951, MinebeaMitsumi has been one of the most active forerunners in promoting global operation presence. Through that period, compliance with laws has been implemented as a matter of course in our group both domestically and internationally. Our efforts to promote employment and foster human resources have also contributed to local communities. Furthermore, we have fulfilled our social responsibility through environmental protection efforts such as obtainment of ISO14001 for all our production sites around the world as well as through efforts to promote labor safety and health in which we have obtained OHSAS18001 for factories mainly in Asia.

From now on and in the future, MinebeaMitsumi, as a corporate citizen, needs to steadily continue to conduct appropriate activities. To this end, specific code of conduct are essential to enable each director and employee of our group to correctly understand ethical issues, laws and regulations, and social requirements and select appropriate activities at all time.

Consequently, we hereby declare our commitment to continuously strive to understand corporate ethics and applicable laws, harmonize with society, and achieve sustained improvement of corporate value through fair and appropriate business management by ensuring implementation of MinebeaMitsumi Group Code of Conduct.

Each director and employee of our group is required to fully comprehend the purpose and comply with MinebeaMitsumi Group Code of Conduct.

MinebeaMitsumi Inc. Representative Director,
President and Chief Executive Officer
Yoshihisa Kainuma

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