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Automotive LED Backlight Technology

Automotive LED
Backlight Technology

Advanced Design
Thinner + larger backlights
Narrower border design
Superior Quality
Automated assembly process
CAE control (zero defect)
Excellent Performance
Increased brightness
Area scan (uniformity)
High gamut (KSF)
Local dimming

Our Global Network

Our experienced sales and engineering teams are spread across the globe to ensure efficient design support for your projects. 



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Sales Offices

NMB-Minebea-GmbH in Langen, not far from Frankfurt am Main, is the primary European sales office of the MinebeaMitsumi Group and, along with NMB-Minebea U.K. Ltd., NMB Italia S.r.L. and NMB-Minebea S.a.r.l. (France), one of many European sales locations.

As the central sales office, NMB-Minebea-GmbH has a product portfolio that covers all MinebeaMitsumi products and is responsible for the German speaking customers.

The sales office of NMB-Minebea U.K. Ltd. works closely with the sales center NMB-Minebea-GmbH in Germany and, in addition to specializing in bearing technologies, also takes care about the sales of backlights within a part of the English speaking territory.

As an Italian Branch of multinational group Minebea, NMB Italia was founded in 1982 and has the sale responsibility for Italy, as well as for the South and South-East Europe territories for Minebea products.

NMB-Minebea France is located in Baillet-en-France next to Paris and has the responsibility for products of the Minebea group in French-speaking territories.

The teams at the sales locations not only cooperate closely with engineering in the respective development centers as well as with the production factories, but are also in close contact with their customers, which enables them to respond to a wide range of customer requirements.

Engineering Base

The MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH, based in Villingen-Schwenningen, is the European development center for various products, including backlights. The team in Villingen-Schwenningen takes care of all aspects of development in the technical area, the organization of projects and all concerns in the area of quality as well as marketing and business development. The MinebeaMitsumi Group's Technology Center includes processes ranging from pre-development to project support after the start of production. Close cooperation with the headquarters in Japan, as well as the individual production sites and sales offices, allows us to build on a strong global network for our international customers.

Hamamatsu factory is the parent plant for overseas plants manufacturing electronics components and devices and was established in in May 1986. The Hamamtsu plant is responsible for development of materials and production technologies. It also operates like a support for overseas plants as well as a Training Center for overseas personnel.

NMB Technologies Corporation, a MinebeaMitsumi Group Company, is headquartered in Novi, Michigan, with offices in San Jose and Chatsworth, CA, Boston, Boulder, and Seattle. NMB TC provides sales, customer service, engineering, quality, and administrative support for backlights and many other MinebeaMitsumi products in North America.


The plant in Lop Buri (Thailand) started with the first productions in April 1988 and mainly produces electronics devices and components including backlights for LCDs.

Shanghai (China) plant was established in August 1996 and started with the production of ball bearings. Today, also the manufacturing of backlights takes place.

The Suzhou (China) plant was established in 2010, making it the newest production facility and dedicated solely to the manufacture of backlights for LCDs.

Cockpit of the Future

Cockpit of the Future

Advanced vehicle technology enables drivers and passengers to enjoy a growing range of in-car entertainment options.

Increasingly detailed and interactive displays not only greatly enhance the driving experience, but also improve the safety of the driver and his passengers. As the number of screens in vehicles has increased significantly in the last 5 years, not only the display technology for the automotive industry has to evolve rapidly, but also the necessary backlights are continuously adapted with the latest technologies.

MinebeaMitsumi has a long history of developing and manufacturing automotive components, such as backlights, for OEMs and automotive suppliers. Our engineers draw on many years of experience with a wide range of technologies and are well versed in the demanding requirements of the automotive industry. A particular focus for backlights is the temperatures, durability and as well as high performance required in a vehicle environment.


Large size Backlights

Growing trends in the automotive sector are increasingly larger displays that deviate from the standard shapes and are characterized by a free-shape design or a curved display.

MinebeaMitsumi is constantly developing new technologies, such as curved and freeform designs, to meet these requirements and promote a higher level of comfort.

The first large size Backlight, which has a size of more than 20 inch has a flat shape with two round corner.

With the same size of landscape and two round corners, the second large sized one is curved.

The third one is a direct type Backlight in rectangular form with curved design.

Side large backlight (Flat) Direct type large backlight (Curved) Side edge large backlight (Curved)
12,3'' Narrow border frame backlight

Narrow Border Backlights

The thickness is particularly important for thin display modules in the automotive sector. In addition, more and more attention is being paid to the thinness of the frame, which makes the display appear larger and more elegant.

Especially for these applications, MinebeaMitsumi has developed the Narrow Border Backlight.

Local Dimming Technology

MinebeaMitsumi developed a new directtype backlight that enables local dimming for increased contrast and rich user experience.


Key Features:

  • High luminance
  • Seamless display
  • High contrast
  • Low power consumption


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LCD display

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