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Arnold Kaiser celebrates 50th anniversary with MinebeaMitsumi

Arnold Kaiser from Dürbheim (Southern Germany) celebrated his 50th anniversary with MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH and retired with a heavy heart on March 31, 2021.

Arnold Kaiser gladly remembers March 29, 1971. At only 17 years old, he started his career at MinebeaMitsumi in Germany. Only a few days earlier, Mr Kaiser had stood at the gate together with his father to inquire about work and had signed a contract right away. At that point, Arnold Kaiser would have never thought that 50 years, some company name changes, and a relocation later, he would still work in the same company and celebrate such an extraordinary jubilee.

The jubilarian remembers every one of his bosses and every work stage he went through in the last 50 years. "I started in the motor repair shop with Mr Maier and had lots of fun here right from the start. My main tasks were checking the motors and replacing electrical components," Arnold Kaiser explains. "Within the next year, I changed positions and acquired some skills in mechanics. I worked with the surface-grinding machine and milled and drilled. This experience was also interesting for me, and I got on really well with my second boss, Mr Steidle."

Upon asking Mr Kaiser today, he emphasizes that he enjoyed every stage and department he passed. After about five years, he had to wire control cabinets and put them into operation. He continued his professional development with the equipping and soldering of circuit boards.

Even before the company became the motor development center "PM DM" and moved to the industrial area 'Herdenen' in Villingen, Arnold Kaiser started with his most important task, which was to remain his main area of responsibility until he retired: the construction of magnetizing coils." Our colleagues at the Thailand production sites have always said that I make the best high-polished coils. I am so proud every time I hear this," says Arnold Kaiser. At first, he had been sceptical about the company's move to Villingen. Still, he wanted to remain loyal to the company and his colleagues at all costs and has made the drive from his home in the village Dürbheim to Villingen every day since the year 2000.

"I couldn't have wished for any other company or other colleagues. Once a year, I used to organize a big summer barbecue for my department at my home." He definitely wants to continue this tradition after his retirement: "As soon as the Corona situation allows it, of course."

Within Stefan Wild's electronics department at MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH, he almost counts as part of the inventory. "We are incredibly pleased that Mr Kaiser still enjoys working for us every day shortly before his retirement. We have experienced, developed, and achieved a lot together, so saying goodbye is difficult for both sides," says Wild. Markus Wethkamp, MTCE's HR Manager, is also impressed by Mr Kaiser's career in the company: "It is rare that someone stays with the same company for their entire career with so much motivation and joy at the same time. Every employer dreams of such employees. We hope that Arnold Kaiser will remember his time with us fondly and wish him a great start to his retirement."

Over the past few weeks, Arnold Kaiser has conscientiously passed on all the knowledge that he has acquired over the past half-century to his successor. However, letting go is not easy for him: "At the moment, I cannot imagine not seeing my colleagues every day anymore. I became such good friends with some of them and, due to the Corona situation, I am unable to celebrate with an appropriate farewell party right now. But I will absolutely make up for that as soon as possible."

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