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The engine system consists of gearbox, electric motor, software and connection electronics. The actuator controls the automatic air ducts in the front section of passenger cars. Together with Röchling Automotive, PM DM developed this highly efficient drive. With controllable air ducts, Röchling Automotive provides an interesting contribution to the intelligent air and heat management of vehicles. Thus, the air flaps are closed during the cold start phase and ensure that motors reach operating temperatures more quickly. This effect already leads to a significant reduction in emissions. In the driving mode, closed flaps prevent air from entering the engine compartment and swirling. By the thus reduced air resistance, vehicles consume less fuel, so less CO2 is blown into the air. The actuator opens and closes the slats. Controlled air ducts are used not only in combustion engines but also in electric vehicles. The actuator has been developed for use in vehicles and has all quality standards.

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