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23/May/2019, Oliver Altmann


Sébastien Ferrié studied "Audit and Management Control" and today deals with a wide range of financial issues at Mach Aero. At his job as Finance Manager, he faces new challenges almost every day and kindly told us all about his experiences. He is our last interview partner in the Newsroom series “European Stories and Faces” (for now).

»During the last four years at Mach Aero, I've learned a lot of things. Working in finance has always been fun for me. But the daily challenges I face around here make my day-to-day work even more interesting. My tasks are unbelievably varied. I deal with the adherence to financial plans and financial goals of the company, for example. On the other hand, I also support the development of synergies between MinebeaMitsumi and Mach Aero.

One of the most challenging and exciting tasks definitely is the work on the quarterly reports and the monthly cash flow management. We are lucky to have a very familiar working atmosphere at Mach Aero and share the same goals. That increases the cohesion within the team, which we further strengthen outside the office during sporting activities such as football or karting. Of course, like most French people, we also meet each other in the evenings at bars or on the terraces of restaurants. To keep myself fit in the free time, I go running regularly and have already taken part in two marathons. My preference for extreme sports like skydiving is what gives me the thrill I need sometimes. Every summer, I try to organize a session with a few jumps and I always look forward to that.

For me it is really interesting to work at a big international company with impressive financial strength, demanding processes and diverse business segments. The international corporate culture gives you the chance to get in touch with other locations and to get to know new cultures. This has already allowed me to expand my contacts with the other French subsidiaries of the MinebeaMitsumi Group and to get to know colleagues from the UK. In addition, Mach Aero works with an extremely interesting proximity management system, in which the presentation of product groups and specific products is individually matched to the target group. Different technologies allow the right offer scenario to be created for each individual customer. This is certainly one of the reasons for the rapid growth of our company. At Mach Aero I was able to develop professionally as well as personally. But what I like most of it all is definitely our familiar working atmosphere.”

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