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Kai-Uwe Benthack has already faced many professional challenges due to his wide range of responsibilities as "Project Manager Business Development". One of his most interesting projects, he told us, was working on the MinebeaMitsumi “Body Monitoring Project”. We wanted to know more about his exciting tasks at Minebea Intec in Hamburg and asked him to tell his personal MinebeaMitsumi story.

»Although I’ve only been working for Minebea Intec for two years, I was already able to gain an incredible amount of new experiences and to use my personal professional know-how in a purposeful way. Due to the trust that was given to me from the very beginning, I had so much creative freedom and was able to work extremely independently right from the start. I quickly was in the position to establish a contact network with our international MinebeaMitsumi business locations.

The biggest challenge at the beginning was to optimize communication structures across cultural boundaries. It is very exciting for me to operate internationally and to gain lots of interesting contacts. I am very proud of this network and constantly working on expanding and maintaining it.

As "Project Manager Business Development" I am responsible for the development of new markets and the observation of existing ones. In the beginning, I had to familiarize myself with the various industry sectors because I have had only little contact with the medical market before. In my job, it is essential to respond to the customer's requirements and understand them.  At Minebea Intec, we are constantly working on implementing development requirements to the highest standard, thereby inspiring our customers to work with our products again and again. In order to achieve this, it is always a new challenge to turn strategic plans into concrete measures and to ensure that they are successful in the market.

One of the most challenging and interesting projects was definitely the MinebeaMitsumi “Body Monitoring Project”. This is a non-contact measurement of human vital signs such as heartbeat, respiration and general behavior in a hospital bed using innovative sensors. Based on the insights into the exciting development of these sensors, I was able to learn a lot and I am more than satisfied with the work that our project team has done here so far.

Due to the close cooperation on projects and common goals, I perceive an open and trusting team atmosphere at MinebeaMitsumi. In this atmosphere it is also fun to meet outside meetings and the office to get to know the city, country and people of the respective travel region. I am very proud, not only of our project team, but also of the work of Minebea Intec. Being part of this interesting international company is extremely fulfilling for me.

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