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myonic Group: Expansion of Management

As from August 2020 the previous Vice President of Operations Christoph von Appen will become Managing Director of the myonic group. Together with the long-standing Managing Director Bernhard Böck he will run business operations in a tandem team. Beside the advantages of a double leadership the long-term succession of Bernhard Böck is secured thereby.

Christoph von Appen was born and grew up just outside Hamburg and after the A-level he successfully completed his engineering and technical studies focusing on production engineering. He gathered his first professional experience in Mannheim at ABB/Alstom in the field of manufacturing and chipping technology. In 2005 he built up a production site for turbines within the scope of a joint venture in Beijing. After this project he joined the company Voith in Heidenheim in the field of paper machines; later he changed to Crailsheim within the same group (in the field of special clutches). Since 2016 Christoph von Appen has been responsible for the sector operations as Vice President at myonic in Leutkirch.
„I am delighted to have Christoph von Appen as a strong partner at my side. In the last few years he has shown great commitment and high sensitivity in organizing the operative sector.  Our management styles and our expertise excellently complement each other and make me feel secure that I will be able to retire in some years to come, Bernhard Böck said. With the new leadership duo Böck and von Appen the myonic group is perfectly equipped to continue the expanding growth strategy.

myonic GmbH is an international industrial enterprise with the core competences development and production of high-precision miniature ball bearings, roller bearings as well as system solutions for advanced technology e.g. in the medical, dental and engineering industry. The myonic group which belongs to the Japanese Minebea/Mitsumi group has more than 550 employees; at the main location Leutkirch im Allgäu about 350 people are currently employed.


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Bernhard Böck (on the left) and Christoph von Appen (on the right) form the new leading team at myonic.   
Photo: Thomas Haider Fotodesign

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