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21/March/2019, Rebecca Zeller

PM DM Campus as a further offer for advanced training

In 2018, the market research institution SPLENDID Research carried out a survey on advanced training at companies. The result: 78.9% of the participants say seminars and further education at their job were important to them. This way, everyone’s individual knowledge and skills can be expanded by further domains.

As of January, there is an additional offer for employees at PM DM in Villingen-Schwenningen for advanced training: the PM DM Campus. The concept of this new training format is the following: Every employee at PM DM is able to share their knowledge during presentations. In doing so, expert knowledge can be passed on to colleagues.

The presentations take place at PM DM in Villingen-Schwenningen on various topics every Friday. This aims at sharing knowledge and expanding personal skills. On the company intranet, any employee interested can learn what topics are presented next. Whether giving a presentation yourself or being in the audience: any participation is being included in the working hours.

Employees that would like to present their topic and share knowledge can get in touch with the quality management. The length of the presentation and the way the topic is presented can be chosen individually: They might be for example presenting for 15 minutes or for two hours if they wish to. Furthermore, the employees can use programmes like Powerpoint or no programme at all. At the end of the presentations, the participants evaluate the lecture, allowing direct feedback in doing so.

Since the beginning of the new training format, there have been presentations on the most various topics – according to the referee’s individual special field. During the talk ”Mobile costs well in hand” by Ulrike Mozer from the IT department, her colleagues got to know everything about contracts for mobile phones and costs possibly arising. In doing so, the participants of the presentations learned amongst others how to use WIFI calls, what the reasons for additional costs might be and how to avoid them.

There is a prize for referees to win: Every person is allowed to give as many presentations as they would like to. The person with the most positive evaluations in total wins a temporary company car park.

“The aim is to cover a wide range of topics, thanks to the diversity of presentations”, says Daniel Flad from Quality Management department. “Our employees from PM DM are really interested in advanced training and that’s why we’re really excited about every person that would like to present their own field and share knowledge in doing so.”

Further information on the survey by SPLENDID research:

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