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Radoslav Pastorak awarded for long-term contribution

On 18th November 2022 Radoslav Pastorak received an award by the Ambassador of Japan in Slovakia. The prize was awarded to Radoslav Pastorak for his long-term contribution in deepening friendship, mutual relations and exchanges in the field of economic cooperation between Japan and the Slovak Republic.

Press Release of the Japanese Embassy in Bratislava:

Radoslav Pastorak has been acting as CEO of Minebea Slovakia s.r.o. since 2011, which has created not only many job positions in eastern Slovakia, but also closely cooperates with the local Technical University in Košice in the field of education research and development, thereby significantly supporting the mutual economic relations and exchanges between our countries.

Mr. Pastorak, who has 1.5 years of experience studying in Japan, is a great friend of Japan and a Japanophile. This is reflected not only in his job but in his other activities. He was an important commissioner of the campaign "Blossomed Slovakia", through which it was celebrated on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Japan and the Slovak Republic in 2020. Mr. Pastorak, together with Minebea Slovakia s.r.o. sat on the implementation of a project within Košice, which is now adorned by a hundred Japanese cherry trees in several places. With the same vigor he also participated in the "Japan Day" organized as part of the University of Economics Summer University for Children 2021 in Bratislava, where he prepared an interesting presentation and quiz for attendees. Thanks to these and his other activities, he contributes significantly to the support of goodwill and understanding of Japan by Slovaks.

The award ceremony was held with the participation of his family, colleagues and friends. Ambassador Nakagawa expressed respect and sincere gratitude for his contribution to fostering mutual relations, exchanges and friendships, and handed him a commemorative plaque and diploma. Dipl. Ing. Pastorak subsequently expressed his gratitude for the appreciation and gratitude to all who support his activities.

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