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18/June/2019, Oliver Altmann


On June 04, 2019 the participants were able to meet MinebeaMitsumi’s Representative Director, CEO & COO, who provided detailed information not only about the broadly based product portfolio but also about future chances and valuable synergies for both companies and their business partners. For U-Shin and for MinebeaMitsumi, the Paris Supplier Meeting was one of the first opportunities to really get to know the other’s operations and team members in action. The aim of the event was to inform U-Shin suppliers about the newest developments and the newly gained business partner MinebeaMitsumi. Only ten minutes away from CDG airport, the Mercure Convention Hotel was the perfect location for the international guest list.

The event started with a joint lunch, which was followed by the speech of MinebeaMitsumi’s President. Not only the suppliers, but also the U-Shin and the MinebeaMitsumi members appreciated the extensive information about the company itself, the diversity of manufactured products and upcoming trends that will be met with newly gained synergies. For the participants from numerous supplying companies, of course a special interest was on future developments. The MinebeaMitsumi President and Gaston Vidal, U-Shin’s Purchasing Director, made it very clear, that long-term business relationships are in the interest of all sides. The participants actively took part in the discussions afterwards and by then the organization team was more than satisfied with the successful event.

One team that worked together during the event for the first time inter alia consists of Nadine Lasarzewski, Marketing Research Analyst for NMB-Minebea-GmbH in Langen near Frankfurt (Germany) and U-Shin’s Anne Lepan, Marketing Analyst in Créteil (France). Together they passionately coordinated informative product tables and displays in the foyer. Of course, they also took care of some nice goodies for the participants, who received bags, pens, power banks and brochures. “The event was not only a success for the target group, our suppliers, but also for the newly established organization team. Everybody involved did a great job within the team, though we were working together for the first time”, says Anne in retrospect. Nadine confirms: “We are looking forward to our future cooperation and to using our new and valuable synergies.”

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