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19/February/2020, Annette Bammert

Trainees support the good cause

The „Vesperkirche“ in Schwenningen, Germany, has taken place for more than 17 years now. It is an encounter project of the Evangelical Paulus church, which is supported ecumenically and also by volunteeres with no church background.  Anyone who is hungry, lonely or just looking for someone to talk to is welcome here to warm up and enjoy a hot meal. The tables are always festively decorated and there is also coffee and cake at the organ gallery. The meals cost one euro, or whatever each visitor is willing and able to pay. 400 volunteers, 350 meals a day and a total of 7,100 guests were the résumé of this year’s “Vesperkirche”.

The trainees and students of MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH volunteered in this project on three days in February and served meals to the less fortunate for the third time.

From left to right: Silas Lux, Hannes Deuring, Luisa Weiß, Marvin Staiger and Niklas Luthardt.

Azubis im Einsatz für den guten Zweck

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