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From smart city to open city

Urbanization is advancing at a rapid pace. And, along with it, a demand for extended infrastructures, well networked transportation systems, health care coverage, educational opportunity, quality of life and job availability. The building of safe and sustainable cities is becoming increasingly difficult. For many years, the MinebeaMitsumi subsidiary Paradox Engineering has been concerned with innovative urban networks and has a clear idea of how a “smart city“ becomes an “open city“. Cities should function as intelligent, interlinked communication systems that connect people and companies through efficient services.

PE Smart Urban Network

The PE Smart Urban Network

In the IoT era, it is an easy matter for services such as energy distribution, transportation, street lighting, waste disposal and many more to be efficiently monitored and managed. However, these intelligent services can only become sustainable if an appropriate network infrastructure makes it possible for all associated services to be linked and reduced to a common denominator. Individual application platforms cannot be effectively used over the long term, and they are also inherently very expensive. The PE Smart Urban Network by Paradox Engineering was developed to facilitate interoperability within cities. Any form of urban application can be supported over the same infrastructure using this reliable network, and a sustainable future can be achieved.

Open standards -
seamless integration

Paradox Engineering strives for open standards and interoperability. By means of the PE Smart Urban Network, it is possible to achieve not only greater efficiency and higher quality in city services but also a faster return on investment. Interoperable technology is brand independent, allowing for seamless integration of various systems and third-party applications. Up to 200,000 objects can be linked to one another in the network and administered over a secure, user-friendly interface. The solution also provides scalability and modularity through its back-end architecture, which is based on microservices, and the expanded front end. The system’s reaction time is completely unrelated to the size of the network, and the pioneering blockchain technology ensures outstanding data security. Using the software development kit, authorized software developers can autonomously expand PE Smart CMS with additional functions and make optimal use of these in addressing their individual needs.

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