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SmartValve - energy-independent and innovative

With the SmartValve electronic heating radiator valve, battery replacement and repositioning of the cable harness are a thing of the past. It produces the electric power needed for the operation on its own, working without batteries or power connections. Maintenance thus becomes unnecessary. A smartphone can function as the control center, with communication generally taking place via EnOcean although other protocols are also possible. Conversion to the innovative, energy-independent heating radiator valve is foolproof.

SmartValve Design

The undergirding technology

Through the use of a thermoelectric generator, electric voltage is created from the temperature difference between the heater and room temperature. At inlet temperatures higher than 30 degrees Celsius inside the heating radiator and an ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, the difference is more than sufficient for the generator to develop enough energy supply. The process is called energy harvesting. The energy is stored in a buffer so that the system can be permanently supplied with power.

Application areas

The SmartValve is suitable for both integration into your smart home as well as for use in large purpose-built structures or hotels. The simple installation and wireless connection into building automation allow heating to be controlled as needed. This results not only in heating cost savings but also the elimination of all other applications due to maintenance-free operation. This allows the SmartValve to play an efficient and sustainable supporting role in all areas of the building.

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Radiator with SmartValve

Your benefits

Besides heating cost savings, simple installation and wireless control, the SmartValve also excels in its flexible regulation of individual spaces, maintenance-free use, freeze protection and the elimination of battery replacement. Manufacturers of original equipment profit from the technological edge provided by the high-tech device for their customers since it can be smoothly incorporated into existing systems. The individualized housing design can be readily adapted to your corporate identity

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