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Wheel hub drive for automated guided vehicle systems

Wheel hub drive

for automated guided vehicle systems (AGV)


Long service life
Drive system designed for efficiency
with a long-lasting PUR wheel
Low level of maintenance
Components can be replaced individually
thanks to the modular design
High level of integration
All functional elements housed in a
compact space with minimal weight

Compact system - high performance

Together with Franz Morat Group, MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH has developed an innovative, highly integrated wheel hub drive. The complete drive combines all functional elements such as the wheel, a high-precision planetary gear, a powerful electric motor as well as a brake and electronics and is particularly suitable for "Automated Guided Vehicles".

The modular and scalable system is characterized by its high performance in a very compact design. It can be easily adapted in terms of payload, torque, interfaces, sensors and control profiles.

In addition to the high level of vertical integration in the component production, the in-depth collaboration and intelligent networking of competencies ensure short delivery times. Thanks to profound experience as a supplier in a wide range of industries, MinebeaMitsumi is a reliable development partner for your individual application.  

Technical highlights


Maximum power density
High radial loads and constantly high acceleration and speed

Intelligent drive system
Plug & Play function and a central parameter check using an optional sensor system

Comprehensive communication
Comprehensive drive control system as an e-axle thanks to standard interfaces (e.g. RS485 or CAN)

Wheel hub drive

Parts and design

  • Powerful, replaceable PUR wheel
  • Efficient planetary gear (1- or 2-stage)
  • Separate wheel bearing
  • Universal customer interface
  • High-performance BLDC motor
  • Integrated holding brake
  • Integrated secondary motor encoder (RS422)
  • Industrial standard serial interfaces (RS485 / CAN)
  • Integrated primary motorencoder, SPI (internal) / SSI (external)
  • Complete sealed system

Dimensions and Performance data

Wheel hub drive | Dimensions
Wheel hub drive | Performance data

Your contact person

Michael Wigant

Technology Center
Europe GmbH

Phone:  +49 7721 997-134