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MinebeaMitsumi Announces Battery-Protection IC "MQC860" for Maximum Quick Charging Performance


25. January 2021

MinebeaMitsumi Inc. (hereinafter "MinebeaMitsumi") has developed a lithium-ion battery protection IC, MQC860, which maximizes the quick-charging performance of smartphones. MQC860 can complement the performance of the charging system for Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platforms.

Recent products powered by lithium-ion batteries, especially smartphones, increasingly have a larger battery capacity, and it takes longer to charge the batteries with the current charging system. This increases needs for a system that is capable of quick charging. To respond to such market needs and to complement the performance of charging system and battery fuel gauge systems, we have developed a product that can accurately monitor cell voltage by adding a cell voltage monitoring terminal to a battery protection IC.

MinebeaMitsumi is the world's leading supplier of 1-cell lithium-ion battery protection IC and MQC857 that we developed in 2018, and is the first product compatible with Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ technology, currently used for many high-end smartphones.

Though most smartphones used to use one lithium-ion battery (1-cell) before, more smartphones use two lithium-ion batteries (2-cell) to shorten the charging time. By using core technology applied to MQC860 series, we are also developing next-generation products, scheduled to be released in 2021, which support 2-cell products (MQC883) to complement Quick Charge 5 technology released by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. in July 2020.

Roadmap of MQC Family

MQC860 Usage Example

Japan Battery Protection MQC860 usage example

Features Overview

i) MQC860 is an upgrade product of the first generation product, MQC857.

ii) Impedance of cell voltage monitor terminal reduced to 100 Ω or less

iii) Built-in temperature protection function by NTC thermistor


Main Applications

i) Smartphones and tablets

ii) Other mobile devices


Features of MQC860

Overcharge detection voltage: 4.1 to 5. 0V (5mV step), ±20mV accuracy

Overdischarge detection voltage: 2.1 to 3. 0V (50mV step), ±35mV accuracy

Discharge over-current detection voltage 1: 6mV - 50mV (1mV step), ±1.0mV accuracy

Discharge over-current detection voltage 2: 15 mV - 100mV (1mV step), ±2.0mV accuracy

Charge over-current detection voltage: -50mV to- -6mV (1mV step), ±1.0mV accuracy

Short-circuit detection voltage: 30 - 200mV (10mV step), ±5.0mV accuracy

Package: SSON-8K or 8L

External Dimensions: 1.6mm × 1.6mm × 0.4mm (W×D×H)


MQC860 Production Plan

Mass production start: March 2021

Mass production volume: 5 million pcs / month

Production site: Japan (Chitose Plant, Mitsumi Electric)

Sample price: 50 yen (excluding tax)/pcs

Product Photos



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