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IAA 2019

MINEBEA MITSUMI Inc. (MinebeaMitsumi) will exhibit at the 68th International Automobile Exhibition 2019 (Press Day: September 10 (Tue.) and 11 (Wed.), Trade Day: September 12 (Thu.) and 13 (Fri.), Public Release Date: September 14 (Sat.) and 22 (Sun.), Frankfurt, Germany).

In April 2019, MinebeaMitsumi integrated business with Tier1 Automotive Component Manufacturer U-Shin Co., Ltd. (U-Shin). We anticipate various synergies, such as expanding our presence as a Tier1 manufacturer in the automobile industry, demonstrating technological synergies with the existing MinebeaMitsumi product lineup, sales functions and global manufacturing bases. By combining MinebeaMitsumi and U-Shin technologies and leveraging our "INTEGRATION" and strengths we are aiming to achieve ¥500.0 billion in automotive business sales in 10 years.

At this exhibition, we are introducing a wide range of E-Access (door opening and closing system by electric powered) related products in demonstrations of actual vehicles. These include Flush Handles; Next-generation door handles which have stylish appearance and is effective in reducing air resistance, E-handles and E-latches; a system which enables door opening with less force, Compact Spindle Drive Unit for power rear gate; smaller-diameter and lighter weight models to increase the flexibility of vehicle installation, Step Gate Virtual Switch & Gesture Sensor; improved comfort of rear gate opening and closing, and Virtual Key Concept by smart phones.

In addition to demonstrating the display around the center console and electric shift lever with built-in resonant devices, we offer a wide range of products and solutions that contribute to technological innovation in the automotive industry, such as ADAS, 5G, infotainment and thermal management as well as electrification.

MinebeaMitsumi’s European Operations

MinebeaMitsumi was founded in 1951 as a manufacturer of miniature ball bearings, and in Europe, for the first time, established a base in the United Kingdom in 1967 to cultivate the market. Since then, we have continued to expand our business and, through the business integration with U-shin, we have expanded our production bases in Europe to 18 bases in 10 countries, mainly in Germany, Slovakia and France.

MinebeaMitsumi will create new value by combining ultra-precision machining technologies, such as bearings, with cutting-edge electronics technologies, such as motors, sensors, semiconductors, and wireless technologies.

Major Items Exhibited

  • Compact Spindle Drive Unit for Power Rear Gate
  • Step Gate Virtual Switch & Gesture Sensor
  • Virtual Key Concept
  • Center Console Display
  • Electric Shift Lever with Built-in Resonant Devices
  • Ball Bearings, Motors, Actuators, Antennas, Connectors, Sensors, etc.                                                               

Exhibition Overview

Booth No: Hall8 D32

Press Day          September 10 (Tue.) – 11 (Wed.), 2019  8:00-18:00

Trade Day         September 12 (Thu.) – 13 (Fri.), 2019     9:00-19:00,

Open to Public   September 14 (Sat.) – 22 (Sun.), 2019  9:00-19:00 (11:00-21:00 for September 20 (Fri.) only)

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Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Office, MinebeaMitsumi Inc.

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