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Opening MinebeaMitsumi Tokyo X Tech Garden

MinebeaMitsumi Inc. (Head Office: Nagano, Japan, Representative Director, CEO & COO, Yoshihisa Kainuma, hereinafter "the Company") hereby announces the opening of MinebeaMitsumi Tokyo X Tech Garden (hereinafter, "Tokyo X Tech Garden") in Minato Ward, Tokyo (Shiodome), with the aim of strengthening the INTEGRATION* capabilities of the MinebeaMitsumi Group, as well as of securing and developing talented human resources. On March 27, the Company will also relocate and consolidate its Tokyo Head Office and some of its sales offices at the new location.

By consolidating the sales force and some of the head office functions that had been dispersed even after the respective business integrations with MITSUMI ELECTRIC (Tama City, Tokyo) and HONDA TSUSHIN KOGYO (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo), for example, into Tokyo X Tech Garden, the Company will further enhance management efficiency and increase synergistic effects.

At present, the Company has positioned a three-pronged approach encompassing product development and components supply as a new means of helping to resolve social issues, in addition to achieving growth both organically and through M&As, as its set of core growth strategies for building a robust foundation in the run up to 2051, the 100th anniversary of the Company's founding. As a foundation for supporting these strategies, at Tokyo X Tech Garden the Company will secure talented human resources for the future, revitalize exchange within the Company, and engage in the INTEGRATION and strengthening of the technologies it possesses.
MinebeaMitsumi established the Tokyo Research and Development Center (TRDC) in 2013, since which time the TRDC has served as a link between the different development locations within the Group to support product development among the business units, as well as to support INTEGRATION activities based on the diverse range of core technologies possessed by the Company. With the establishment of Tokyo X Tech Garden, the Company will further expand the TRDC and thoroughly strengthen its R&D framework together with the Karuizawa Head Office Technology Center and the Osaka Research and Development Center (ORDC), both of which opened in 2022.
By establishing the Group's R&D core in Shiodome, one of the most prominent locations in Tokyo, the Company is confident that it will be better positioned to acquire and develop talented human resources from diverse backgrounds, including both new graduates and mid-career hires, who will boldly take on the challenge of solving social issues through manufacturing and components. At Tokyo X Tech Garden, the Company will continue to create new products that are essential for solving the social issues that have emerged at the moment, as well as yet to be visualized issues that will newly arise in the future. And it will do so by pursuing collaborative creation, including industry-academia collaboration, that transcends the boundaries between industries outside the scope of the Company, as well as those between internal locations, business units, and generations.
In addition to being fully equipped with meeting rooms and communications facilities that allow for online meetings at all times, the office environment has adopted a free address style and provides mechanisms that actively generate synergy between employees and technologies throughout, including multiple communication spaces that leverage atriums and maisonette-type internal stairways.

Moreover, Tokyo X Tech Garden is located in a redevelopment planning zone within the Shiodome area (Zone D North, Block 3), and includes cultural exchange facilities under the theme of "Technologies that leverage the characteristics of MinebeaMitsumi in support of global manufacturing."
The Company plans to set up a showroom (Tokyo X Tech Museum) to help people of all ages, from elementary school children to adults, enjoy experiencing its products and technologies together with their underlying principles in person, and to stimulate an interest in manufacturing. (Scheduled to open after July 2023)

With the establishment of Tokyo X Tech Garden, the Company will be better positioned to promote activities involved in the INTEGRATION of diverse know-how and "talents." And it will be able to continuously and sustainably grow as an "Electro Mechanics SolutionsTM** provider while contributing to society through the creation of new value and components that are essential to society.

* INTEGRATION means "combining" rather than "simple gathering" of the Company's proprietary technologies to evolve the "Eight Spears" of our core businesses and to create new products in various fields through the INTEGRATION of our advanced technology.

** "Electro Mechanics Solutions" is a registered trademark of MinebeaMitsumi Inc. Registration number is 5322479.

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