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NMB-Minebea-GmbH in Langen, not far from Frankfurt am Main, is the primary European sales office of the MinebeaMitsumi Group and, along with NMB-Minebea U.K. Ltd., NMB Italia S.r.L. and NMB-Minebea S.a.r.l. (France), one of many European sales locations. From the start, it has been NMB-Minebea-GmbH’s highest priority to nurture close partnerships with our customers. This credo was implemented through knowledgeable contact partners and technicians on site, competent direct sales and collaboration with international dealers. NMB-Minebea-GmbH supports not only protection of the supply chain but also cost efficiency and the highest quality standards.



We encounter MinebeaMitsumi products in our daily lives in almost all areas without initially recognizing them. Discover the many areas of application for our broad portfolio of products, and feel free to contact us regarding your fully individualized application.

Certificates and Documents

EN 9120:2018 (DE)
EN 9120:2018 (EN)
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 (DE)
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 (EN)
General Terms of Sale

Our five principles

1. To be a company that our employees can be proud of.
2. To earn and uphold the trust of our customers.
3. To live up to the expectations of our shareholders.
4. To cooperate amicably with the local population.
5. To promote the global community and contribute to it.

Our management strategy is based on these principles and aims to live up to our social responsibilities and make a meaningful contribution in the lives of our stakeholders, shareholders, business partners, neighbors and employees. The MinebeaMitsumi Group is focused on guiding resource management into the areas where the Group’s collective and comprehensive strengths lie and on actively contributing to the improvement of product quality.

In addition, we strive for company leadership geared toward strengthening the financial situation and creating a high level of internal and external transparency.

Unsere Grundsätze

Your contact person

Silvia Bungert

Phone: +49 6103 913-0