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Technology Center Europe GmbH

We are driven by precision

MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH, with headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen, is the largest motor development center in the international alliance of the MinebeaMitsumi Group and develops electronically commutated brushless DC motors, innovative drive technologies, LED backlights, and sensor systems. The advantages of the brushless DC motors manufactured by Technology Center include a high degree of efficiency, quiet running operationlong-lasting durability, and energy efficiency.

In addition, MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH is one of a total of two manufacturers in the world producing the hard drive motors used in big data applications. With a unique system for storing liquids, Fluid Dynamic Bearing, the FDB hard drive motor is designed for all applications requiring a high level of accuracy and precision. The development center is certified under IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 14001:2015.

As a strong development partner, MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH always has the customer’s exact solution at hand. With its own state-of-the-art production facility in Europe, it offers maximum flexibility in all areas.


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The right drive for every application

Which motor is right for your application? MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH brushless DC motors are used in numerous areas, including the automotive sector, power tools, telecommunications, VR systems, and agriculture. The requirements vary from application to application. This is why we develop our motors to fit each client’s specific needs. The result is minimal wear, a long service life, and maximum efficiency compared to other DC motors.

What has happened so far


Founding of the company as a research and development center in Spaichingen specializing in hard drive motors. From the mid-1990s onward, the company’s business segments expanded.

1995 - 2000

Development of businesses in the industrial motor and automotive sectors.


Relocation to the new research center in Villingen-Schwenningen, the current location of the company.


Development of the blower segment.


Extension of the research center through the addition of an annex for expansion of the hard drive motor segment.


Oswald Kuwert, director since the company’s founding, retires, and Jörg Hoffmann takes over as Managing Director of PM DM GmbH.


Construction of the automotive sector’s first European manufacturing facility for brushless DC motors and air movers in Bratislava, Slovakia.


Construction of the development unit for energy harvesting systems and drive systems in the automotive sector


Inauguration of the first automotive production line in Villingen-Schwenningen


Inauguration of the second automotive production line in Bratislava, Slovakia.


Launch of the first automotive production line in Thailand


Opening of the second European production facility in Košice, Slovakia.


Precision Motors Deutsche Minebea GmbH is renamed to MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH.


Acquisition of Mast Kunststoffe GmbH by MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH.

Was uns bewegt

What moves us to move you

Global thinking and global acting are the fundamental elements of our corporate philosophy. Many years of experience and competence along with our employees’ commitment and strategic thinking are important prerequisites for the success of our development, construction and manufacturing processes in a highly technological environment in a fast-paced world market.

Together with our employees throughout Europe and in Asia and the United States, we ensure that our international customers are provided with quality products and high-performance technologies from MinebeaMitsumi - anytime, anywhere. We are driven by precision.



In April 2005, Minebea's European safety laboratory for UL, CSA and Nemko certifications was relocated to Villingen-Schwenningen.

In this laboratory, not only the Group's own products, but also products from other suppliers are tested and approved in accordance with the relevant standards. The MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH safety laboratory meets the EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard required for this purpose.

A product with a safety mark gives the user the confidence that he has purchased a safe and reliable product for the intended purpose.

The tests carried out by our security personnel are carried out in accordance with the standards defined by international security agencies.

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