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LED Backlights

Each of us comes in contact with these every day at work, home or recreation: LC displays. LCD means liquid crystal display. These displays or screens featured in televisions, computers, mobile phones or tablets are themselves unable to emit light, thus requiring a light source such as background lighting. MinebeaMitsumi LED backlights provide the necessary visibility in everyday life.

LED backlighting

MinebeaMitsumi develops and produces LED backlighting options for smartphones, electronic dictionaries, navigational devices, on-board automotive displays, laptops and tablets. MinebeaMitsumi LED backlighting comprises various optical components. The core is formed by the light guide panel and the housing frame. The light guide panels distribute the light evenly and efficiently. Innovative backlight technology was behind the idea for SALIOT smart LED lighting, which currently dominates the European market. MinebeaMitsumi’s superiority in manufacturing comes from the proprietary cutting-edge technology in precision processing as well.

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