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New solutions - compact drives -
driving forces

MinebeaMitsumi develops high-performancedrive systems for completely different requirements and conditions. It is always important to find a future-oriented solution that is reliable, economical and efficient in an era of e-mobility, climate change and industrialization. What drive is the best fit for you? Browse through the large range of options. Those who want to get ahead have to stay in motion!

Brushless DC motors

Electronically commutated brushless DC motors are especially suitable for applications that run quietly and have a long service life. High-energy permanent magnets are extremely efficient in achieving rapid acceleration. The response of the rotor position is picked up electronically by the Hall sensors. As an option, we develop motors with encoders for high-resolution positioning controls or systems with either single-stage or multi-stage drives. 
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Brushless motor

Grill shutter actuator

Our AGA (active grill shutter actuator) is currently the only actuating drive system that meets the high demands and standards of automobile manufacturers. The drive system consists of drives electric motors, software and electronic connections. The actuator can, for example, be used for automatic control of airflow in the front section of automobiles, thereby achieving a substantial reduction in emissions and fuel consumption. Applications in industry are of course also possible.

Pump motors

The pump motor has two functions: pumping and powering. It is made from very special materials to withstand the stresses in the vehicle, since it is permanently located there. Installed in the fuel tank, it supplies fuel to the engine, exactly where it is needed.

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Linear Actuator

Linear actuating drives

The linear actuating drive can ensure, for example, that a vehicle’s headlights always remain in their precise position. The drive raises and lowers the light beam depending on the vehicle’s load status. In addition, the drive provides better lighting in curves through an adaptive curve light. Another example of an application from a completely different area: the energy-independent heating radiator valve.

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Stepper motors

Stepper motors translate electrical impulses into precise mechanical movements. The outstanding control features facilitate precise starting, stopping and positioning. Hybrid step motors have permanent magnets as well as rotor and stator sprockets. MinebeaMitsumi’s PM step motors use a permanent magnet as a rotor. The range of products includes linear, drive and high-speed PM motors and more.
Thanks to their high capacity and compact design, step motors can be used in a variety of applications, including multi-function printers, medical devices and factory automation systems.

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Stepper motor
DC motor

DC motors

MinebeaMitsumi DC motors offer flexibility not only in regard to the application areas that are possible but also in their dimensions. And because parts are manufactured in-house, the price is right as well.
The new (quadratic) S Series was specifically developed to operate within the smallest space requirement to achieve high torque and low weight.
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FDB motors

The FDB motor links experience and expertise with maximum precision. It combines the advantages of a brushless DC motor with the cutting-edge technology of the fluid dynamic bearing motor. FDB stands for Fluid Dynamic Bearing. In addition to featuring high rotational speed, low vibration and long service life, the FDB motor stands out for its quiet running and accuracy, boasting wobble errors below 3” and low energy consumption. In the areas of 3D laser scanning, LiDAR and virtual reality (laser tracking scanners), the innovative drive, which originated in the area of hard drive motors, is in high demand.

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FDB Motoren
Minebea Intec Messtechnik

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Thunderbolt 3 Waterproof Connector

Development and Launch of World's First Thunderbolt™ 3 Waterproof Connector ~ IP68 dustproof and waterproof USB Type-C™ connectors "CAM-L41"~

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Emotional AI is coming to town

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Neues "Experience Center" in Bangkok

New Experience Centre in Bangkok

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Sakura Campaign Slovakia

MinebeaMitsumi plants 100 Sakura Trees in Košice, Slovakia

On the Occasion of 100 Years of Japanese – CzechoSlovak Diplomatic Relations, a Commemorative Plaque...

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SPS 2019

SPS Trade Fair in Nuremberg

Four MinebeaMitsumi subsidiaries on the spot

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Open Cities

Blockchain changes the game for Open Cities

New PE Smart Urban Network features and components to be launched at Smart City Expo World Congress...

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