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How it all began - with NMB ball bearings

MinebeaMitsumi began in 1951 with the production of miniature ball bearings, operating at that time under the name Nippon Miniature Bearing Co., Ltd. (NMB), and today it has become that market segment’s world leader. The original core business is still the core competency today. In the area of miniature ball bearings with an exterior diameter of less than 22 millimeters, MinebeaMitsumi’s worldwide market share is 60 percent. Millions of miniature ball bearings are supplied each month to customers throughout the entire world.

Precision ball bearings

The NMB bearings are produced with a passion for precision and are, of course, subject to the highest quality standards. Depending on the requirements, their external diameter ranges from 1.5 to 30 millimeters. The ball bearings can be ordered in a great many variations in stainless steel or chrome, flanged, open, or shielded—in other words, exactly as required for your application! All NMB ball bearing components are efficiently and therefore cost-effectively manufactured in our own facility.
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Specialized bearings

NMB’s specialized bearings include roller bearing systems, dental bearings, x-ray tube bearings, and turbocharger bearings. Specially developed for high demands such as high rotational speeds, reduced friction torque, maximum stiffness, or low noise level at the smallest dimensions with a long product service life, these innovative products are used in a wide variety of special applications. Air and space travel, the automotive industry, and dental technology are only a small portion of the possible areas of application. According to customer preference, the selection of materials, lubricants, cover plate, and interior geometric design are individually determined.
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Precision mechanical assemblies and components

MinebeaMitsumi offers a wide range of assemblies with high-precision NMB ball bearings. Our specialized knowledge in the area of bearing assemblies and expertise in precision machining technology constantly enable us to provide the best product quality. You save money on quality tests for individual assembly processes and profit from reduced logistics costs. Some examples of precision bearing assemblies include precision drives, pulleys, or pivot assemblies for magnetic heads in hard drives, where MinebeaMitsumi boasts the world’s largest market share. New on the market: the WavyNozzle2 coolant nozzle, an add-on for tool machinery that uses IoT to remove chips and thus significantly enhances production quality.
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The WavyNozzle2 coolant nozzle is an add-on for tool machinery that uses IoT to remove chips and thus significantly enhances production quality. The second generation of the coolant nozzle patented by MinebeaMitsumi features compact, high-performance, and wireless communication, making it easy to realize IoT-based workstations. The product’s centerpiece, the oscillating nozzle, is located directly at the processing point and can also be installed on machine tools with a small working area due to its immensely reduced size.
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