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MinebeaMitsumi Fans

In situations where you and your machines and equipment need to keep a cool head, you cannot go wrong with MinebeaMitsumi. The product portfolio covers axial fans, DC blowers, high-pressure ventilators, and heat management modules. From the many different designs, dimensions, and frequency areas, you’ll certainly find the perfect choice for your individual application. If you contact us with your specific needs, we’ll deliver a tailor-made solution!

Axial fans

NMB axial fans are available in sizes ranging from 60 to 150 millimeters. The fans are ideally suited for all harsh environments, having no difficulty withstanding sunlight or moisture. The motor is entirely dust-resistant. Axial fans draw air by means of an alternating current. Industrial machinery and other equipment can be cooled, and the heat directed to the outside. Naturally, we manufacture all the ball bearings in-house.
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MinebeaMitsumi DC blowers are available in sizes ranging from 45 to 145 millimeters. They are especially suitable for use in network servers and telecommunication systems. With their innovative design, DC Blowers can produce a directed airflow even in high-pressure environments. The blowers can also be used to cool office technology. Besides office automation, numerous other areas of application can be imagined.
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Heat management module

The ” heat management system module“ (HMSM) combines a great deal of expertise. MinebeaMitsumi is able to stand out in this area not merely because of its expertise in thermal management but also through innovative fan motors and specialized knowledge in the areas of energy management and regulator design, thus introducing an unbeatable total package into the market. HMSM is used today, especially for keeping computer centers or communication devices cool. Naturally, with installed NMB precision ball bearings. The product design is focused on the highest efficiency and reduced energy use.
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LED fan

To ensure that your lights do not go out immediately, LED headlights in motor vehicles require permanent thermal management in order to function. Small fans with a long service life and high efficiency, which are precisely matched to the specific characteristics of the vehicle and the latest LED technology, promise trouble-free headlight operation. They ensure reliable removal of excess heat and provide cooling for the LED technology.

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