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Precision components

With its lengthy history in the area of precision machining technology, MinebeaMitsumi can meet your individual requirements for entire assemblies, individual components, or special bearings. See the diverse product portfolio for yourself. Or just call your contact partner directly. No matter what the requirements of your application are, we’ll find the solution together!

Rod end and joint bearings

Joint bearings are spherical bearings frequently used in air and space travel, automobiles, trains, and industrial machinery. Besides having a very wide selection of standard bearings in this area, we also offer you very specific solutions that meet numerous requirements. These include our Teflon bearings, which stand out due to their self-lubricating feature, but also special metal bearings that deliver excellent performance under static conditions and high stress. We invite you to contact our specialists, so we can find your own optimal solution.
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Roller bearings for aviation

Roller bearings are self-aligning bearings that play a role between the inner and outer rings. These can be single- or double-row. In comparison to ordinary self-aligning bearings or joint bearings, MinebeaMitsumi roller bearings have a very low initial torque. The initial torque is barely more than the operating torque. In addition, the bearings are characterized by very low rolling friction, requiring almost no servicing or maintenance. MinebeaMitsumi roller bearing technology is particularly well suited for use in aircraft applications. Our experience over many years in this field makes us a competent and valuable partner.
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Processed components and bushings

MinebeaMitsumi produces and sells a variety of processed components. These include connecting and fastening elements like bolts, nuts, and studs. Also represented in this category are magnetic couplings that use electromagnets to lock and unlock motors and drive input shafts. This can make it possible to reduce or halt power flow.
MinebeaMitsumi bushings are primarily used in aviation. The inner side of the bore and the edge faces are Teflon-coated, allowing rotation without lubrication.
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