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Electronic and
Electromagnetic Components

Among our electronic and magnetic components are a wealth of precision products that certainly also fit your application. Whether your need is for inductors, transformers and coils or for plug connectors, integrated circuits or resonators, you’ll find the answer with MinebeaMitsumi. Browse through our ample product portfolio, or simply make direct contact with our experts in the area of electronic and magnetic components.

Inductors, transformers and coils

Mitsumi is part of the MinebeaMitsumi association of experts in the area of electromechanical components. Thanks to Mitsumi we were able to expand the product portfolio to inductors, transformers and coils. Transformers, for example, serve in many cases to convert voltage in a variety of devices, especially in power supplies. MinebeaMitsumi’s inductors, transformers and coils are consistently conceived and manufactured to correspond to the highest quality and performance standards.
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Integrated circuits

Integrated circuits are electronic circuits attached to a thin platelet made of semiconducting material. Production takes place in totally dust-free clean rooms. MinebeaMitsumi develops integrated circuits for a variety of OEM applications, including those in the areas of temperature and pressure sensors and power supply. We are world market leaders in manufacturing integrated circuits for lithium-ion batteries and will be happy to consult with you on your individual options.
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Resonators are vibration producers that convert resonance. They are installed in many applications that we use daily as a matter of course. For example, they produce the vibrations in our mobile phone or game controller, allowing for tactile feedback when we touch the screen. Touch panels in cars are also equipped with resonators. Some models can also produce a number of sounds and can serve as speakers.
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