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Precise sensors

Sensors are the fixed elements of our daily lives that very seldom enter our awareness. Generally speaking, they hide inside a great variety of devices. Sensors are used in countless areas to detect a wide range of characteristics or conditions. For example, they record deformations, weight, or pressure and convert these changes into electronic signals. In our households, in our cars, or in industry, it’s no longer possible to imagine doing without the detectors that facilitate our day-to-day activities. MinebeaMitsumi is currently developing an innovative bed sensor system that can offer sustainable enhancements to patient care.

Strain gauges

MinebeaMitsumi strain gauges consist of a very thin etched measuring grid film on a thin plastic carrier that detects expanding and contracting deformations. These are the core elements of many weighing technologies we find, for example, in common home scales but also in crane scales or in determining the stress of materials. The slightest deformation of the measuring grids changes their electric resistance. With load cells, they particularly stand out for their minimal size and weight, sensitivity, and stability. In civil engineering, strain gauges are used in static stress management, but they can also be used in shock or endurance testing of different materials.

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Force sensors

MinebeaMitsumi force sensors are exactly the right choice for bathroom scales, game consoles, household devices, computer peripherals, cars, load sensors, and many other areas of application. Geared toward mass production, the sensors use strain gauges. Due to its automatic temperature compensation, the sensor displays excellent thermal properties. The precision and shape are adjusted according to your individual specifications.

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Pressure sensors

MinebeaMitsumi pressure sensors convert pressure into electric signals. This happens not only through the innovative “silicon on sapphire” technology but also through strain gauges. The sensors have a very long service life and are stable and reliable. The sapphire material properties ensure extremely high accuracy and thermal stability—the sensors work in environments of up to 350 degrees Celsius! For example, they are readily used in the regulation of oil pressure in construction machinery, the monitoring of the interior pressure of pipe connections, or the testing of the coolant pressure of air conditioning systems.

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Pressure sensors
Load Cells

Load cells

MinebeaMitsumi load cells feature our own manufactured strain gauges to convert voltage, pressure, or weight into electric signals. Attached to a wide variety of measurement devices, the load cells display, collect, control, or monitor the various loads. In this process, depending on the application, the weight should be measured as precisely as possible. Spring bodies on the strain gauges ensure the high accuracy of the load cells. The possible uses vary greatly.

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