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Customized antenna technology
for the automotive sector


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Either with connector integrated directly in the antenna housing or with pigtail
Antenna Types
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Antenna types for Automobiles

Shark-fin antennas

Shark-fin antennas are fixed on the roof of a vehicle. They are designed to include various functions, such as Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, GPS/GNSS, TEL (single and MIMO) and V2X communication. They enable autonomous driving functions and eCall, which increase the safety of all road users.

Depending on the antenna size, AM/FM can also be included. Regional specifications, such as SDARS, can be taken into account. We collaborate closely with our customers to develop optimal customized solutions for connected cars.

Shark-fin antenna
Rod antennas

Rod antennas

Rod antennas are lightweight, cost-efficient, and flexible. They consist of a base and rod, which complement each other.

For example, the rod contains AM/FM, DAB III, and lower frequency TEL functions. Additional functions, such as high frequency TEL and GNSS, are built in the base. Regional specifications, such as SDARS, can be taken into account.

With rod antennas autonomous driving functions and eCall can be realized. Together with our customers we develop optimal customized solutions for connected cars.

Hidden antennas

Hidden antennas are used in order to avoid disturbing car outlines. Examples of this are GPS/GNSS antennas, which are placed inside the rear spoiler. They enable accurate positioning of a vehicle for autonomous driving and eCall. We evaluate customer-specific requirements and incorporate them in our antenna design.

Hidden antennas are also placed in areas such as the dashboard, mirrors and glass. The preferred positioning of GPS, GNSS and TEL antennas is the dashboard. They are essential for connected services such as Over-The-Air updates (OTA) and Cloud Connectivity. NFC access systems are another variant of hidden antennas.  We configure NFC antennas for access systems according to customer-specific requirements.

Hidden antennas

Vehicle exterior

Roof spoiler antenna

We offer spoiler antennas for several services:

  • AM (MW)
  • FM
  • DAB (III)
Roof spoiler antenna

Small version of roof spoiler antenna with GNSS

Glass antenna

Glass antennas consist of the following components:

  • Antenna structure on glass
  • Glass amplifiers
  • Filters
  • Ground film part

For amplifiers and filters, please see the information below.

[Translate to Englisch:] Glass antenna

Bumper antenna

  • Bumper antennas are mainly used for TEL antennas
  • Position is usually behind the cover of the bumper
Bumper antenna

Vehicle interior

Dashboard antennas

We offer a variety of antennas e.g. including the services:

  • GNSS
  • TEL

The cable length is ajustable to our customers' requirements.

Dash board antenna

Antennas under front glass

Examples for antennas under front glass:

  • WiFi/BT
  • Car2Car
Antennas under front glass


We offer antennas for low frequencies (LF) of 125kHz.

They are used for Remote Keyless Entry.


NFC Antennas

Our customized NFC antennas are used for intelligent access systems. They are installed in the door handle or in the B-pillar of a vehicle.

In the vehicle interior, they are usually placed in the dashboard or in the center console.

Frequency: 13.56 MHz

We are a member of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC).

NFC Antenna

Miscellaneous RF Products


We offer a variety of glass amplifiers for the following services:

  • AM
  • FM
  • DAB
  • TV

Filter for Glass Antenna

With our filters for glass antennas the combination of heating and reception of RF-signals is realized.

Our expertise includes proposition and production of C- and L-filters as well as L-C filter combinations.

In addition, we realize customer-specific requirements.

Filter for Glass Antenna

GNSS splitter

We offer splitters with integrated amplfiers:

  • GNSS
  • Other services on request
  • Integrated amplifiers with phantom feeding
GNSS splitter


We offer FAKRA and Mini FAKRA / Mini Coax connectors fitting to the antenna requirements.



Global engineering support

  • Engineering teams are located in US, Japan, and Germany
  • Supporting RF, electrical, and mechanical design

Evalution support in antenna sites

  • Company-owned testing ranges in US, Japan, and Thailand.
  • Contracted site in Itzehoe/Germany
  • Anechoic chambers in US, Japan, and Thailand

Test sites

With our in-house testing facilities in various locations around the globe, we provide quick results and cost-efficient antenna development. Our test sites are equipped with state-of-the-art measurement devices. The testing design is flexible and easily adjustable to our customers’ needs.

Test site
Test site

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NMB Minebea France

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