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HVAC Actuators

Automotive Actuators

HVAC Smart Actuators for
thermal management



Smart solution
for climate control

  • Intelligent Climate Control and Thermal Management
  • Increase of efficience and reduction of weight
  • CO2 reduction
Intelligent Climate Control
Application in the automotive industry

Application in the Automotive Industry

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning of the vehicle interior are controlled by the so-called HVAC unit, HVAC = Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning or in short air conditioning. It ensures that air is supplied to the passenger compartment at the desired temperature, humidity and cleanliness and in the desired quantity.

In most cases, the air conditioning unit is merely equated with the cooling function, although it also provides the vehicle ventilation and heating. Modern HVAC units work with actuators that separately control the heating, ventilation and cooling in different zones, such as the driver's area, the passenger area and the rear seat area. The HVAC unit includes the blower, which directs the air into the passenger compartment via various outlets that can be opened or closed with flaps. passenger compartment filter also clean the air.

HVAC Actuator with/without Electronics

The customer determines what he needs. The HVAC units can be supplied both with and without control electronics, or configured according to customer requirements and depending on the application. The control electronics for the actuators are responsible for open- and closed-loop control and usually consist of power electronics, sensors, control logic, and a communication interface. The exact design of the control electronics always depends on the specific requirements of the application.


Stepping Motor Actuators

Direct Type

  • Unipolar stepper motor
  • Various output shafts
  • Different connector types
  • End-stop on housing
  • Compact & lightweight
  • High durability design

LIN-Bus Type

  • Bipolar stepper motor
  • Integrated electronics
  • Self-locking gear
  • Compact & lightweight
  • High durability design

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