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02/November/2022, Annette Bammert

Highly integrated wheel hub drive

Radnabenantrieb von MTCE

Framo Morat GmbH & Co. KG and MinebeaMitsumi Technology Center Europe GmbH (MTCE) have jointly developed a highly integrated wheel hub drive, which is particularly characterised by its above-average performance in the smallest assembly space. Thanks to its compact design, the modular and scalable complete system meets all requirements for use in automated guided vehicles.

The logistics sector is one of the largest economic sectors in Germany behind the automotive industry. The expert group of the initiative "Forecast for the Development of Logistics in Germany" predicts continued growth and change. The new challenges include climate neutrality, sustainability, shortage of skilled workers, transport bottlenecks, energy revolution and same-day deliveries. The challenges are not fundamentally new, but they are rapidly gaining momentum. They are juxtaposed with new and already established technologies: Artificial intelligence, big data and IIoT contribute to automation and higher efficiency.

One of the ways in the struggle to remain internationally competitive is to introduce more efficient, automated transport and storage systems that can be precisely controlled and coordinated. At the heart of driverless transport systems are Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Automated Mobile Robots, which have become an indispensable part of modern logistics. As the vehicles in warehouses become increasingly smaller, they primarily require compact components that are also extremely powerful.

Innovative wheel hub drive optimised for automated guided vehicles

The wheel hub drive by Framo Morat and MTCE is predestined for applications that require high performance in the tightest of spaces. The all-inclusive power pack combines all functional elements such as the running wheel, a high-precision planetary gear, a powerful electric motor as well as brake and electronics in one compact unit. Adaptations in terms of load capacity, torque, interfaces, sensors and control profiles are easily possible thanks to the modular and scalable system

Intelligent networking of competences

The intelligent networking of competences of both development teams always means the best possible result for the customer. The combination of wheel and gearbox from Framo Morat and motor, brake and electronics from MTCE enables an above-average power density. The high level of vertical integration in component manufacture, motor winding and assembly also means that short delivery times can be achieved. The saved assembly space makes it possible to dimension the vehicles smaller or to equip them with larger batteries and thus realise longer running times.

The power pack is available for two basic load capacity ranges: applications from 250 to 500 kg working load per axle and from 500 to 1000 kg are possible as standard. In the first range, the MTCE BLDC motor 65 and the NG250 hub gear are used, in the second range the BLDC 85 and the NG500. The high radial loads are realised with constantly high acceleration and speed. In addition, the system scores with its long service life, which is made possible, among other things, by the constructive separation of gearbox and impeller. The modular design makes the wheel hub drive extremely maintenance-friendly. The intelligent drive system with plug & play function can also be optionally equipped with sensor technology to control central parameters. Thanks to standard interfaces (e.g. RS485 or CAN), holistic drive control as an e-axis is possible. Customer-specific adaptations depending on the area of application can of course be realised.

Components and construction

  • Powerful, replacable PUR wheel
  • Efficient planetary gear (1- or 2-stage)
  • Separate wheel bearing
  • Universal customer interface
  • High-performance BLCD motor
  • Integrated holding brake
  • Integrated secondary motor encoder (RS422)
  • Standard industrial serial interfaces (RS485 / CAN)
  • Integrated primary motor encoder, SPI (internal) / SSI (external)
  • Complete sealed system (IP54)

Your contact person

Roman Klein

MinebeaMitsumi Europe

Phone: +49 7721 997-317