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Dypipe: the new X-ray inspection system from Minebea Intec


May 2023 - Dypipe was developed specifically for producers of pumped goods. The X-ray inspection system from Minebea Intec, a world leader in industrial weighing and inspection technologies, reliably detects foreign bodies made of metal, stone, plastic, bone and glass and ejects defective or contaminated products. This guarantees an extremely high level of safety for viscous and liquid products. The Dypipe is equipped with an innovative test piece insertion system that enables test piece verification in live operation. This means that users are always sure that the production process is working properly and do not lose any time for testing when the line is in production. Presented for the first time at interpack, the Dypipe is available now.

The Dypipe X-ray inspection system comes with a range of separators, connections and mounting options that offer unrivalled flexibility, making it the perfect solution for any production line. The intuitive user interface allows for easy operation, so new products can be configured quickly. For the high hygienic demands of meat applications, the Dypipe is equipped with an easy-open separator that has been specially designed for this purpose. This system guarantees excellent results and gives users the confidence that they are producing high-quality products that are safe for consumers.

Dypipe X-ray inspection system for tube-fed products with "real part" test body validation

The Dypipe is equipped with an innovative sample insertion system that ensures specimen validation in live operation. "Dypipe will make our clientele's production lines even more efficient," says Linus Dellweg, Global Product Manager at Minebea Intec. "Live test piece validation is unique in the market. It gives our customers enormous security. Downtime for quality inspection is a thing of the past." The X-ray inspection system is made of stainless steel and has a protection class of either IP 65 or IP 69. Several interfaces such as XML, TCP-IP for connectivity to, among others, Minebea Intec's SPC@Enterprise statistical process and pre-packaging control software pave the way for more productivity.


Minebea Intec Dypipe

Das Röntgen-Inspektionssystem Dypipe sorgt für ein extrem hohes Sicherheitsniveau bei viskosen und flüssigen Produkten.

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