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Greenhouse gas balance and CO2 compensation


Since September 2021 myonic has been a member of the alliance "Climate Neutral Allgäu 2030". In the course of this, a carbon footprint has now been drawn up for myonic Leutkirch and Roznov for the second time.
The graphs below (see Diagram AOP22) show emissions over the course of the year from AOP 20 to AOP 22, as well as the relative shares by sector.
(Explanation 2019 = AOP20, 2020 = AOP21, 2021 = AOP22).

Reduction of emissions in annual steps

As a member of the alliance "Climate Neutral Allgäu 2030", we are obliged to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by approx. 11% annually in order to be climate neutral by 2030. The base year is AOP 21 with 1,262 t CO2 emissions, which means that for AOP 22 the CO2 emissions should be max. 1,122 t CO2. However, greenhouse gas emissions for AOP 22 were 1,309 t CO2, so the target was exceeded. Furthermore, CO2 emissions were even 4% (47t CO2) higher than the previous year's value.
Broken down to the employees, this corresponds to around 2.4 t CO2 equivalents per employee. The increase is due to increased heat consumption as a result of the cold winter and a longer heating period in the winter of 2021/22.

Any CO2 emissions above the target value must be compensated with green certificates according to the gold standard. For the fiscal year AOP 22, 187 t of CO2 were compensated by supporting climate projects.

Support of environmental protection projects for CO2 compensation

myonic has decided to support the project "Clean Water in Zimbabwe". By this project, well boreholes are built, managed and maintained, training is provided and water quality is tested. This gives the population access to clean drinking water, eliminating the need to boil water with firewood, thus saving CO2 and preventing diseases through germ-free water.

In addition, 40% of the compensation payment goes to environmental protection projects in the region, with the aim of raising awareness of biodiversity, species diversity, environmental and climate protection, and appreciation for regional food. These include, for example:

-  Pfrontener Bienenstadel - educational apiary and beekeeping workshop (Pfronten Beekeepers' Association).
-  E-foodsharing (Foodsharing Kempten e.V.)
-  Flowering meadow for more insect protection and biodiversity (Fachoberschule Sonthofen)
-  Bike rental pool & mountain bike upcycling project (youth education center Bad Hindelang)
-  Small hydroelectric power plant (Friends of Nature House Sonthofen)
-  Climate cookbook (Hildegardis Gymnasium)

The emission target for AOP 23 is 985 t CO2. The compilation of data for the evaluation of the greenhouse balance for the just concluded business year is currently underway.

Further information on joining the "Climate Neutral Allgäu 2030 Alliance":



myonic goes Green

myonic goes Green

Diagram AOP22

Diagram AOP22

Zimbabwe well construction

Zimbabwe well construction

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